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                                                                                                 RULES AND REGULATIONS

The Hillsborough Racquet Club (HRC) is a private club located in a quiet, residential area.  Its facilities should be treated

with the same care and respect as a private home.  The Club is maintained under the care and supervision of a resident

manager exclusively for the benefit of the members of the Club and such non-members as they may from time to time

introduce or sponsor.  The Manager or his delegate shall be present on all occasions and his decisions with respect to use

of the premises under these rules shall be strictly complied with:

Caterers engaged by the Client shall first be approved by the Facilities Chairperson and shall be expected to comply

with the Rules and Regulations of the Club.  Clients shall be held accountable for all acts or omissions of the Caterer resulting

in violation of these rules or damage to the property.

The Caterer supplies all equipment (linens, china, silverware, coffeemakers, extension cords, serving pieces, trays, etc.) except

for the following Club properties which are available for use by the Client:  200 white folding chairs, 14 – 60” round tables, 

9 - 48” round tables + 2 serving 48”round tables, 10 eight foot long tables, 10 card tables, one 6 foot long rectangular table.

The kitchen may be used by the Caterer as a place from which hors d’oeuvres and food may be warmed.  No cooking facilities

therein may be used except with the express permission of the Facilities Chairperson.  One (1) eight foot table may be set up

in the kitchen.

Prior to the event for which the Client has rented the Club facilities, the Client must provide the Club a Certificate of Insurance

showing at least $500,000 liability coverage.  This certificate should be submitted to the HRC, along with the final Client payment,

three months prior to the date of use.

A Certificate of Insurance is a standard insurance form which gives evidence of the Client having liability insurance coverage

as mentioned above and also names the Hillsborough Racquet Club as being additionally insured by the policy for the specific

event held at the Club.

The telephone in the kitchen may be used only for emergency calls.  Permission to use the phone must be obtained from the

Manager or his delegate.

The Client shall be responsible for all toll or long distance charges.

The piano is available for use if played by a professional group.  The Client is responsible for the proper care of the piano.
No amplifying equipment belonging to the Club is available for use.  Loud music audible outside the Club is forbidden.

During the use of the Hillsborough Racquet Club please enjoy the Club’s interior and terrace facilities with the objective of

eliminating outside noises and any possibility of creating a nuisance for our neighbors.    


The use of firecrackers or any other celebratory noise is strictly prohibited.

No artificial smoke may be used.

The Club will make available a parking attendant to assist with parking the Client’s cars and those of their guests.   In this way,

traffic is controlled in the immediate vicinity of the Club.  There is no charge for this service as it is included in the Client fee.
The Club parking lot can accommodate 60 cars and there is ample street parking.  Cars should not be parked on the cul-de-sac

at the side of the Club.  That is for the neighbors’ use. 

a.  One month prior to the event, mail or fax the completed Manager’s List to the Manager.

b.  Arrangements for delivery to the Club for flowers, food, and equipment should be made at least one month in advance with

the Club.  Similarly, arrangements should be made one month in advance for setting up the tables and equipment and for

decorating the Club.

  c.  Use of a stage or platform of any kind is not allowed in the Club.

  d.  Use of the HRC’s ladders is not allowed.

The Client, including the Caterer, is expected to remove from the premises all of their equipment and supplies immediately

following the event, and thereupon to restore the premises to an orderly condition. See the “Renters and Caterers Checksheet.”

The Client should give a copy of the Caterer’s obligations, including the “Renters and Caterers Checksheet” to the Caterer prior

to the event.

No throwing of flower petals, rice, bird seed, confetti or any other item is allowed inside or outside the facility.  This becomes

a hazard as well as an attraction to rodents.

Pictures and decorative objects may not be removed from the walls.  No tape, nails nor thumb tacks may be put on the walls,

floors or patio.  No furniture/carpets may be removed.

c.   Outdoor heaters are permissible.  The caterer or designated event planner must be responsible for lighting and extinguishing

the heaters.  The HRC Club Manager is not permitted to operate the heaters.     

d.   The Town of Hillsborough Fire Codes prohibit the use of open flames inside a building used for assembly (no kerosene burning

devices, large candles or candles more than 12” in height).  All candles must be in hurricanes.  Small votive candles or battery-

operated lights are permissible.

e.   If a wedding ceremony is desired at the Club, it may be held in the ballroom, dining/music rooms or on the terrace,

depending on the numbers.  If the ceremony is on the terrace, client must rent additional chairs.

f.   Please note the maximum seating in the ballroom is 165 due to fire marshal’s regulations.  This still allows ample room for a

dance floor.

Hillsborough Racquet Club
252 El Cerrito Avenue, Hillsborough, CA  94010
Phone (650) 343-2062 and Fax (650) 343-2093
Revised August, 2011

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