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                                                          SAMPLE                  Clients keep this copy of the contract for their records.          SAMPLE
                                                                                                         HILLSBOROUGH RACQUET CLUB
                                                                                               252 El Cerrito Avenue, Hillsborough, CA.  94010
                                                                                                                    (650) 343-2062

The Hillsborough Racquet Club (a California Corporation), a private social club, hereby agrees to make its clubhouse facilities available to the non-member (herein described as “Client”) whose name and address appear below who is acquainted with or sponsored by a member, upon the terms and conditions herein set forth.

Name: _____________________________________       Telephone:   (        )____________________
Address:  ___________________________________     Date of Event  _______________________  
  ___________________________________      Hours of Event  ______________________
Email      ________________________________              Type of Event______________________         

Subject to the rules and regulations for the use of the Hillsborough Racquet Club, a copy of which
            attached thereto and made part thereof, the Club premises are provided to the Client solely for use
            in connection with private social occasions.  The use of the premises for any commercial or
promotional purposes whatever is strictly prohibited.  Any other use of the premises must be
approved by the Board of Directors.

The Client shall fully inform the Club of the nature and purpose of the use of the facilities, the
number of persons expected to attend and such other information relating to the occasion that the
Club shall deem necessary.

The Club expressly reserves the right to use the premises for any reason, in its sole discretion,
and upon ten (10) days prior notice, to cancel any use agreement should it appear that the
representation made by the Client referred to above is not true and accurate.


A deposit of __________ is required to hold the above date.  It will be refunded after the function in accordance with these rules.
The deposit will be applied against the cost of any damages (other than normal wear and tear) that may occur as a result of the use of the premises by the Client and his guests.  If the damages shall exceed the deposit, the Client agrees to pay the additional amount.
In the event of a cancellation the _________ deposit is not refundable unless the date can be subsequently filled or unless the Client selects an alternate date within one year.
The deposit will secure the performance of the terms of this agreement, including compliance with the Rules and Regulations hereto attached.


The Client fee of _________(plus $500 wedding fee, if applicable)  will be paid in two installments.  This fee is in addition to the deposit.  Six (6) months prior to the event _______ will be due.  Three (3) months prior to the event the final ________ will be due.  At this time a Certificate of Insurance will also be required.  This fee  includes the price for one parking attendant.

Cancellation Policy  Initial here__________
If cancellation becomes necessary, Client shall immediately notify the Club Facilities Chairperson.  The Club shall then open the contracted date for bids by others.
If all or a portion of the Client fee has been paid at the date of the notifications of cancellation, refunds, if any, shall be determined by whether or not the Club is able to re-book the contracted date.  If the Club is able to obtain a Client for the contracted date, the security deposit and the fees paid will be refunded, but only upon the Club’s receipt of the newly contracted Client fee.
If all of the Client fee has been paid at cancellation and the Club is not able to obtain a new Client for the contracted date, only the security deposit will be refundable and refunded.
If only a portion of the Client fee has been paid at the cancellation and the Club is not able to obtain a Client for the contracted date, there will be no refund of either the security deposit or the Client fee.
The Club use is for no longer than five (5) hours on the day of the event.  The event must be over no later than 11:00 P.M.  Clean up must be completed within one hour following the party. The Board of Directors must approve any exceptions.
If the Client also desires a wedding ceremony at the Club, there is a fee of ________ that includes
one (1) extra hour prior to the five (5) hour limit of use.  Arrangements for a wedding rehearsal
       lasting up to one (1) hour must be made with the Facilities Use Committee.

Music is limited to no more than 5 musicians or a disc jockey.  Musicians must setup inside the Club building.  In consideration of the neighbors of the Club, amplification is to be kept at a moderate level.  Client agrees to require the musicians or DJ to reduce the volume of music amplification if requested to do so by the Club Manager.
       f.   No gratuities please. The manager is an employee of the Hillsborough Racquet Club.


The Hillsborough Racquet Club requires that any caterer engaged by the Client must be insured and licensed by the Department of Health.  The Client is responsible for any damages to the Hillsborough Racquet Club incurred by any caterer or vendor engaged by the Client or any guests of the Client.

The Client agrees to hold harmless the Club of any liability whatsoever for injury, loss or damage to person or property of the Client or any guests or invitees which may occur during or as a consequence of their presence upon or use of the premises of the Club.

         Signed  ___________________________________________

         Print name ________________________________________

           Facilities Committee Member

         Date     ___________________________________________

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